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Klamath2023112812_klamath_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 08:08 AM PST1208K
North Coast2023112812_NorthCoast_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 08:05 AM PST1107K
Russian/Napa2023112812_RussianNapa_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 08:05 AM PST922K
Upper Sacramento2023112812_UpperSacramento_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:32 AM PST1394K
Feather/Yuba2023112812_FeatherYuba_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:32 AM PST2106K
Cache/Putah2023112812_cacheputah_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:43 AM PST210K
American2023112812_american_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:31 AM PST1736K
Salinas/Pajaro2023112812_SalinasPajaro_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:55 AM PST582K
South Bay2023112812_SouthBay_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:56 AM PST437K
Southern California2023112812_SouthernCalifornia_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:56 AM PST1052K
San Diego/Inland2023112812_SanDiego_Inland_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:55 AM PST678K
Tulare2023112812_Tulare_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:37 AM PST845K
San Joaquin2023112812_SanJoaquin_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 08:10 AM PST1271K
North San Joaquin2023112812_n_sanjoaquin_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:39 AM PST458K
East Sierra2023112812_EastSierra_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:55 AM PST1982K
Humboldt2023112812_Humboldt_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 07:45 AM PST864K
Water Supply Indices2023112812_WSI_hefs_csv_daily.zip28-Nov-2023 08:16 AM PST208K

Note 1: Data represented in the files are in kcfs (thousands of cubic feet per second).

Note 2: Each location includes 42 ensemble members with the first column starting with year 1980 and the last column ending with year 2021. Each historical year is more meaningful beyond the first couple weeks when climatology drives the spread in the ensemble.

Note 3: On October 20, 2022 the Central Coast forecast group was split into two forecast groups (Salinas/Pajaro and South Bay) and the Southern California forecast group was split into two forecast groups (Southern California and San Diego/Inland).

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