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The text and graphical forecast products below display temperature data for the next 10 days across the CNRFC area of responsibility. In most cases, these temperature forecasts are converted into basin Mean Areal Temperatures (MAT) and serve as input into our hydrologic models. The source of the forecast temperatures is a combination of the latest NWS forecasts and Model Output Statistics (MOS) guidance from the NWS GFS model.

Forecast temperatures are issued daily at approximately 4:30 AM PST (5:30 AM PDT). Issuance frequency does NOT increase during winter operations (Oct 15 - Apr 15) or during extended hours of operation.

Observed temperatures are available in a text product summary, graphical 4-panel display or via an interactive map interface. The text product summary and interactive map interface are updated several times per hour. The graphical 4-panel display (maximum/minumum temperatures and 6-hour instantaneous synoptic temperatures) is updated daily at approximately 8:15 AM PST (9:15 AM PDT).

CNRFC Text Temperature Products [Back to top]

  Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature Forecasts for 10 Days
  Hourly Temperature Observations for Past 6 Hours

CNRFC Graphical Temperature Products [Back to top]

 Entire CNRFC Area - Forecasts
Days 1 through 10 Loop
Minimum 10-Day Loop Maximum 10-Day Loop
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max

4-Panel Display Depicts:

  • Forecast Temperatures
  • Normal Temperatures
  • Forecast Temperature Departure from Normal
  • 24-Hour Forecast Temperature Change

 Entire CNRFC Area - Observed
Day 1
Minimum Maximum 6-Hourly Instantaneous

4-Panel Display Depicts:

  • Maximum: Observed / Normal / Departure from Normal / 24-Hour Change
  • Minimum: Observed / Normal / Departure from Normal / 24-Hour Change
  • 6-Hourly: Synoptic Hour Instantaneous Observed (12z / 18z / 00z / 06z)

CNRFC Basin Temperature Plots [Back to top]

 River Basin - Temperature Plots
 Klamath  North Coast  Navarro-Russian-Napa
 Upper Sacramento  Feather Yuba  American
 Lower Sacramento  Cache Putah  Central Coast
 Tulare  San Joaquin  North San Joaquin
 Southern California  East Sierra  Humboldt

CNRFC Observed Temperature Summary - Interactive Map Interface [Back to top]

A summary of over 1000 temperature stations located throughout southern Oregon, California, and Nevada displayed on an interactive map interface. Data are available for the current hour, past 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 hours; as well as the 1 and 24 hour temperature change. Data are updated every 10 minutes between 17 and 57 past the top of the hour. Also, KML files are available for download and use in Google™ Earth.

    Observed Temperature Summary - Interactive Map Interface

CNRFC Forecast Temperatures - Interactive Map Interface [Back to top]

Forecast temperature grids, including departure from normal and 24-hour change grids, are available on an interactive map interface. This product is updated daily around 4:30 AM PST (5:30 AM PDT). In addition, basin observed/forecast temperature plots are available and updated daily by 8:30 AM PST (9:30 AM PDT). Also, KML files are available for download and use in Google™ Earth.

    Forecast Temperatures - Interactive Map Interface