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Precipitation Summary for Feb 1986 Storms - Interactive Map Interface

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Feb. 11, 1986
Feb. 12, 1986
Feb. 13, 1986
Feb. 14, 1986
Feb. 15, 1986
Feb. 16, 1986
Feb. 17, 1986
Feb. 18, 1986
Feb. 19, 1986
Feb. 20, 1986
Storm Totals Feb 11-13
Storm Totals Feb 14-16
Storm Totals Feb 17-20
Storm Totals Feb 11-20



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This product contains data that has been quality controlled by CNRFC staff. Some values have been estimated when needed.

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Some precipitation gages may be hidden at zoomed out levels of the map due to a large amount of data being represented. Zoom closer to view all relevant data in specific area of interest.


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